In the Beginning…

In the Beginning…


If I look back, I’ve always known my passion revolved around travel and the prospect of stumbling upon new and less-explored places. Wandering the local markets discovering unique, provincial artisan creations, and learning about what makes each world region special have always inspired me.

In thinking about opening a store for many years, I decided my next trip would have a different purpose.  So it began with a trip to Morocco and Turkey. I travelled with the goal to source unusual and unexpected treasures for the soon-to-be shop in my future. A new region for me, the prospect of this was as exciting as any of my travels, but the experience proved to be much different and captured my heart. I fell in love, which is not uncommon for me – I seem to every time I travel. Not with a person (although that has happened too!), but with the people, handmade goods, local artistry and cuisine.  I became obsessed with the incredible architecture, textiles and tapestries – all displaying the most exquisite details. This turning point in my life was made even more memorable as I shared it with one of my dearest friends.

SIVELLA means to paint, to create; a canvas for what surrounds you. Looking around my home, every item revives a vivid memory, and tells a story that makes me smile. That’s why I am so excited to introduce SIVELLA, an inspired collection, to you. I look forward to sharing stories, photos and the unique finds from past and present journeys. New adventures await, and you may just fall in love too!

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